• Express Yourself In Salt Lake City With Scentsy

    Express Yourself In Salt Lake City With Scentsy

    Hello Salt Lake City! Today’s blog focuses on some of the psychological effects of fragrance. Scent is a powerful stimulant, affecting everything from our mood to our appetite. Have you ever noticed how tasteless food is when you have a cold, for instance? Since our sense of smell affects our overall feeling of well being, we should be more mindful of the smell of our Salt Lake City home, car, or office!

    While we don’t want to turn our 84109 zip code area living spaces into a laboratory of smell, using scents to enhance pleasure can boost our mood as well as infuse our homes with personality!

    We express ourselves with our favorite colors on walls, fabrics, and art, so why not use fragrances in a similar way in our Salt Lake City home?

    If you love the Mediterranean, emphasize your old world style with Amalfi Coast, which will give your home the scent of an Italian citrus grove. If you are influenced by Asian aesthetics, try Imperial City in your electric wax warmer for an exotic blend of coriander and ginger.

    If you want to emphasize your home’s coziness and your love of baking, melting the yummy scent of cinnamon in Baked Apple Pie or Sticky Cinnamon Bun will make guests’ mouths water. For a festive Sandy party, try Happy Birthday for the whiff of vanilla and sugar that’s always a crowd pleaser.

    Scentsy wickless candles are the perfect partner for your spaces.

    Using food grade paraffin and high quality essential oils, Scentsy electric warmers warm scented wax with a 25-watt bulb to just above body temperature, eliminating traditional candles’ risk of burns, toxins, and soot that can pose dangers to Sandy homes, children and pets.

    Scentsy’s Salt Lake City line of over 80 different scents can be used safely in any room of your Sandy home or office while Scentsy travel products are perfect for your bag or suitcase to sweeten your car, locker, or hotel room. Express yourself with Scentsy! Stop and Smell the Difference

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