• Freshen Up Your Car Pool In Sugar House

    Freshen Up Your Car Pool In Sugar House

    Traveling in Sugar House with kids requires a lot of supplies so you can be prepared for anything during the course of a busy day: hunger, boredom, accidents, or odor.

    From dirty diapers to smelly socks to nacho cheese: there are unpleasant aromas for every stage of childhood.

    Whether picking kids up from soccer practice in Salt Lake City or basketball tryouts in Draper, sweaty uniforms, mud, and grass can make your car stink. And fast food odors are even worse. That’s why Scentsy has developed a whole Sugar House line of great smelling products just for traveling!

    Lightly-fragranced Scentsy Scent Circles are powerful car fresheners. They come in a range of fabulous scents, not just the typical auto varieties. Scent Circles can be layered for a little scent or a lot.

    Scentsy Travel Tins stay put on the dashboard or tucked in a purse. The slide-away lid controls how much scent is released, so you’re always prepared for any smelly disasters as you chauffeur children around Salt Lake City.

    Scentsy Travel Paks are perfect for tucking in gym bags, bag packs, or lockers to absorb odor and replace it with a light, pleasant scent to keep things fresh and inviting.

    Portable Scentsy Room Sprays are also great for your car and give a fresh burst of scent anytime you need it.

    Scentsy Fragrance Foam kills germs while releasing your favorite scent: perfect for Salt Lake City families on the go.

    Soothing fragrances can calm nerves and lift everyone’s mood. If you travel with kids, travel with Scentsy to make the ride a little sweeter. To order Scentsy or learn about a wonderful home based business opportunity in Sugar House, call me today at 801.556.9790!

    Kara and Troy Egan

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