• “Lose Your Jar Candles, Salt Lake City!”

    Salt Lake City Scentsy Review When I was first introduced to Scentsy candle warmers by a Scentsy consultant in Salt Lake, I was intrigued with their simple, safe, and elegant alternative to traditional scented candles.

    Scentsy ceramic candle warmers are comprised of a low-watt lightbulb and a saucer-like warming tray on which is placed a piece of scented wax. The bricks contain as much fragrance oil as is physically possible. A Scentsy warmer can fill a large space with a pleasant aroma for an extended period of time. Unlike jarred candles, the fragrance oil in Scentsy bars is evenly distributed–the bottom of the brick is as potent as the top.

    There is no fire danger with Scentsy candles. When you plug in a Scentsy wickless candle, you don’t have to remember to blow it out when you leave your Salt Lake City home. The wax melts just barely above room temperature. If a child or pet knocked over the warmer, they would not get burned. (I would rather clean up spilled wax than risk a burn or house fire.)

    Let’s talk about the variety of Scentsy fragrances. Scentsy carries a scent to fit your every mood. They have the time-tested favorites of spice, fruit, and floral-based scents and unique combinations that I could never imagine.

    Radiance is a blend of white musk and lime. Eskimo Kiss has the essence of blackberry, caramelized brown sugar, vanilla and amber. My Dear Watson features bergamot (a citrus plant), mint, cedar, and suede. The Fragrance Portfolio in the online Scentsy catalog lists all the Scentsy fragrances.

    I can’t afford (or fit!) every piece of furniture, electronic device, or accessory that catches my eye, but I can create a wonderful smell in my Salt Lake home and Sandy office with Scentsy flameless candles.

    Another winning product for Scentsy is their new scent circles. Some days, I spend more time in my car on Utah freeways than at home! When I am running errands or stuck in traffic, it is nice to enjoy the scent of fresh baked muffins instead of the smell of my son’s gym bag.

    If you would like to experience the magic of Scentsy, contact me today. I am Kara and Troy Egan, a professional Scentsy consultant in Salt Lake, Utah. My phone number is 801.556.9790.

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