• Salt Lake Can Lose The Wick And Still Love The Scent

    Salt Lake Can Lose The Wick And Still Love The Scent

    Making your Salt Lake City home smell wonderful can be just as important to you as matching your throw pillows to your curtains. It is all part of creating a home where you want to be, and a home where visitors notice your personal style and attention to detail.

    While there are many ways to give your <~Zip> zip code area home the fragrance you want, many of them have major drawbacks. Traditional scented candles can be messy and even dangerous. With hot wax, soot, and an open flame, they're not very family-friendly.

    Scentsy offers an alternative for Salt Lake City style-conscious fragrance lovers: flameless candles that are warmed over a low watt bulb designed to maximize fragrance time.

    Scentsy warmers come in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes, so you’re sure to find one to match any room in your Sugar House, Sandy, or Draper area home. The best part is that they emit fragrances that are as pleasing as their design. Every month, Scentsy introduces a new warmer, so there’s always something unique and exciting to look forward to.

    The brilliant idea of making a safer, wickless candle has now made Scentsy one of the most successful direct sales companies in the Salt Lake City area and throughout the world.
    The secret of our success lies not just in the great products we sell, but also in the hard work and enthusiasm of our consultants. If you’re interested in earning supplemental income by selling Scentsy Salt Lake City wickless candles, then give me a call at 801.556.9790 today!

    I’m Kara and Troy Egan, an independent Scentsy consultant. I would love to answer any questions you have about:

    Safe Scentsy candles
    Hosting a party in your Salt Lake home
    Scentsy solid perfume
    Unique gifts by Scentsy
    Scentsy travel accessories
    An amazing home business opportunity

    I hope to talk to you soon, or visit me on the web at https://karae.scentsy.us/Home!

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