• Scentsy Makes Salt Lake City Homes Smell Fantastic

    Scentsy Makes Salt Lake City Homes Smell Fantastic

    Salt Lake City men, women, and teens enjoy lotions, perfumes, colognes, bath salts, and after-shaves that make themselves smell great. Why shouldn’t our Salt Lake City homes also smell great? We spend a lot of time in our home and a delicious smells can lift our mood and complement our style and decor.

    Scentsy was created by two enterprising women, Kara Egan and Colette Gunnell. They designed the simple yet brilliant Scentsy wickless candle system. Scentsy candle warmers provide the glow and light scent of traditional candles, but offer a safer alternative by using non toxic, food grade paraffin wax that emits scent from an attractive electric warmer.

    With over 50 styles available, full sized warmers are a wonderful addition to larger rooms and Salt Lake City homes, while Scentsy’s small plug-in options are great for powder rooms or apartments.

    With the choices of size, color, and style, you can find the perfect Scentsy accessory for your Sugar House home. Scentsy warmers not only smell beautiful, they look beautiful!

    If fragrances are chosen wisely, they can be used like any other accessory to complement a specific Sandy decorating style or celebrate a season, holiday, or special event. For example, ‘Christmas Cottage’ is festive in December, but dissonant in June.

    If you love muted reds and golds, scents like ‘Autumn Sunset’ or ‘Cinnamon Vanilla’ can complement an earthy palette. ‘Clean Breeze’ and ‘Cucumber Lime’ work well in modern Salt Lake City homes while ‘Coconut Lemongrass’ enhances beach style cottages.

    Whatever your style or season, Scentsy bars home and create an environment that reflects your personality. To sample the newest scents, call me today at 801.556.9790 or visit https://karae.scentsy.us/Buy!

    Kara and Troy Egan

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