• Soothing Scentsy Fragrances For Your Salt Lake City Home Spa

    Soothing Scentsy Fragrances For Your Salt Lake City Home Spa Every busy Utah woman (and man!) needs a place to relax and rejuvenate after a long day, and creating a home spa in your own Salt Lake City master bath allows you have your ‘me’ time with a little inexpensive self-indulgence. Any Salt Lake City resident can obtain the three home spa basics: calming light, soothing scents, and a big absorbent robe.

    The Salt Lake City home spa experience always starts with the zen atmosphere. After clearing off surfaces and discarding clutter, create a peaceful and healthy environment with wickless candle warmers from Scentsy.

    With no soot, pollutants, or fire to worry about, flameless candles let you relax without worry. Using a low wattage bulb, Scentsy warmers give off a warm, soothing glow that is soft on the eyes. With three different sizes available, you can arrange a collection of various styles and sizes for a whole new atmosphere.

    Use Scentsy warmers and accessories in calming shades of blues, greens, and whites, like those from the Scentsy Cascade or Smooth Stone collections for an organic, earthy feel. Try the Nautical Collection for sea-inspired design, or the Botanical Collection to add a tropical touch to your bathroom.

    Choosing just the right scent for your Salt Lake City personal spa is easy with the Scentsy spa collection. Fragrances like Inner Peace (woodsy with a hint of lemon and rejuvenating cypress) and exotic White Sands (hints of coconut milk and jasmine) add soothing aroma. Calming spa scents help you to transition from one space to the next, leaving stress at the door.

    To learn more about creating a relaxing atmosphere in your Sugar House or Salt Lake home with Scentsy warmers and home fragrances, or to ask about exciting Scentsy home or web based business opportunities, contact me today! -We’re looking forward to hearing from you! -Kara and Troy Egan

    Independent Scentsy Consultant Kara and Troy Egan
    Team Egan

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