• You Go, Girl!

    You Go Girl!

    Though research shows that Salt Lake City women are well represented in entry and mid level positions in business today, they lag behind in top positions. In Fortune 500 companies, for example, women account for less than 18 percent of leaders. Unfortunately, Salt Lake City is no exception.

    In most industries, women make 78.7 cents for every dollar earned by a man, despite the fact that women hold more than half of all bachelor’s and master’s degrees, half of all law degrees, and have proven to be an asset to Salt Lake City companies that depend on building relationships for success.

    Based on this information: Is it any wonder that every 30 seconds a women starts a business in the United States?

    If you are ready to take control of your future in Salt Lake City and are looking for a business opportunity in the 84109 zip code area that has a proven record of success, is based on forming relationships, and sells quality products that appeal to everyone, take a look at Scentsy in Salt Lake City.

    Scentsy is an Idaho-based company quickly expanding in the 84109 zip code area. The Scentsy opportunity is based on the party plan business model, though Salt Lake City Scentsy consultants can sell Scentsy in a variety of ways. Started in 2003, the entrepreneurs were determined to make and sell a safer and more attractive alternative to scented jar candles and incense burners.

    The Scentsy home fragrance system is simple: scented wax cubes made from food grade wax are melted in ceramic warmers to just above body temperature. They emit no dangerous toxins or smoke and do not pose a fire hazard like traditional candles.

    With over 80 fragrances available, every man, woman, teen, and child can find an irresistible Scentsy scent or a unique gift or accessory. In addition, Scentsy recently introduced a sumptuous line of richly-scented solid perfume and personal care products.

    With an initial investment of just $99, The Scentsy Starter Kit gives you everything you need to become a consultant and start your own 84109 zip code area home or online business right away! Call 801.556.9790 today to join Scentsy.

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