• Your Very Own Fragrance With Scentsy In Sandy

    Your Very Own Fragrance With Scentsy In Sandy

    Ever wondered how Sandy Scentsy consultants find a personal scent that expresses perfectly their mood and personality? They create their own! Mixing fragrances can be fun, but challenging. Whether you want a signature scent that subtly lingers in a room after you’ve left, or a delicious fragrance with more staying power than a squirt of perfume provides, Scentsy’s exciting new personal fragrance line, Layers by Scentsy, helps finding your unique scent a lot easier.

    Sandy perfume lovers can express their creativity by combining Scentsy solid perfume. Layers by Salt Lake Scentsy can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways to create a unique scent, or provide fragrance that lasts all day.

    Because different scents have different degrees of staying power, adding multiple layers after a shower can enhance results. With shower cream, body lotion, body spray, hand cream and other products to choose from, layering your scents is simple, and with Scentsy Multi-Packs, you can save money by buying multiples of three. Life in Sandy just got a whole lot sweeter!

    Salt Lake City experts say mixing scents can enhance different notes in a fragrance. Citrus is the easiest to mix and blends well with earthy, floral, or a basic scent like vanilla. Layers are perfect for mixing, and with new scents being introduced all the time in the zip code are 84109, you can play around with them and discover your new favorite.

    Try Coconut Lemongrass body butter with Sugar Cookie body spray for a sweet smelling treat, or use Enchanted Mist shower cream and Luna lotion for a mix that is fresh and outdoorsy.

    Scentsy’s most popular Sugar House scents aren’t just for Salt Lake City wickless candles anymore. Now you can mix and match Layers by Scentsy to create your new personal scent, or layer them to make your favorite scent last longer!

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