• Host a Salt Lake Scentsy Party

    Salt Lake City Wickless Candles Would you like to get a great deal on a new Salt Lake Scentsy warmer? All you need to do is host a Salt Lake City Scentsy Party. Sugar House scented candle parties are the best part of my job as an Independent Scentsy Consultant in Sandy.

    At Scentsy parties, you and your friends can smell the fragrances, see all the warmer styles and take advantage of party specials. After all, shopping for unique Salt Lake City gifts is always more fun with friends!

    If your Salt Lake friends are super-busy (aren’t we all), they can save time by reviewing all the wickless candles available in Sandy before the party.

    These are the types of comments I hear at Sugar House Scentsy parties:

    “I’m so glad my birthday gift shopping is done for a whole year!”

    “After smelling each different Scentsy fragrance, I now have a list of new favorites.”

    “I found perfect candle warmer gifts for three hard-to-buy-for family members. I chose scents that reflect their personalities and warmer designs that match their decorating styles.”

    “I am looking forward to having a ‘signature scent‘ in my Salt Lake office.”

    “I am amazed at how many different candle warmers they carry. I was pleased to find so many designs that will compliment my contemporary decor.”

    Your Salt Lake City friends and family members will appreciate getting a chance to experience Scentsy candle warmers. Perhaps some of them are also looking for a way to earn some extra income. If they are interested, I would be happy to tell them about my Salt Lake home based business.

    Give me a call to book a Sugar House Scentsy party and earn product credit! My phone number is 801.556.9790.

    • Kara and Troy Egan
    • Salt Lake, Utah
    • 801.556.9790
    • You’ll love our Scentsy Buddies

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