• Salt Lake Snapshot Warmer Has A Frame Built Right In!

    Salt Lake Snapshot Warmer Has A Frame Built Right In!

    Welcome to my Salt Lake Scentsy blog.! I am Kara and Troy Egan. I have been an independent Scentsy consultant since July 2003.

    If you have visited my wickless candle site before, you have probably noticed that Scentsy has more warmer designs than any other Salt Lake candle warmer company. Tons more! If you haven’t browsed the current Scentsy Salt Lake candle warmer catalog lately, check it out.

    One of Scentsy’s latest warmer designs is truly original. The Snapshot warmer is both a picture frame and a candle heater.

    The Snapshot warmer has a picture frame built right in. You just slide in your favorite photo and plug it in. My Salt Lake City flameless candle clients are loving the Snapshot warmer.

    I have a couple Scentsy Snapshot warmers in which I rotate my favorite photos. I love how the picture is backlit and framed with decorative silver colored rope trim. I know what I’m giving for wedding, birthday, and Christmas gifts next year!

    If you love safe candles, you might be interested in becoming an independent Scentsy consultant and owning your own home business. I am currently seeking consultants in the Salt Lake City area communities of Salt Lake, Sugar House, and Sandy.

    You can run your Salt Lake home business your way; marketing Scentsy online, at home parties, or at Salt Lake City gift shows. Give me a call today to sign up!

    Scentsy Consultant Kara and Troy Egan
    Salt Lake, Utah 84109
    801.556.9790 karaandtroy@karaandtroyegan.com

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