• Scentsy Non-Toxic Candles

    Salt Lake Safe Candles Traditional Salt Lake scented candles have inherent safety problems. They pose a fire hazard, obviously, but there are other issues that are just as dangerous. Many Salt Lake City scented candles have wicks that contain lead.

    Scented candle companies need a strong wick to stand up in soft wax and lead is cheap and sturdy. Though lead wicks are not legal in many countries (including the U.S.), some candle makers still use them and they find their way into most countries.

    Many scented candle waxes and Sugar House fragrance oils also contain toxins. Unfortunately, many people experience health problems caused by scented candles and go years before realizing it. Can you imagine how awful it would be to suffer unknowingly from a ten dollar scented candle you bought to make your home more pleasant! Talk about irony. Even worse, what if your child got sick from candle poisons? Think of the guilt, anger, and unnecessary medical bills.

    Ignorance of candle company irresponsibility and their failure to adhere to industry standards can endanger your Sugar House family’s health. Knowledge is power. We are wise to educate ourselves about the potential dangers of ordinary Sandy household products.

    Scentsy is one of the fastest growing party-plan companies in the U.S. and Canada. There are many reasons candle lovers are purchasing Scentsy wickless candles as if there were no recession, but Safety is definitely an important one.

    Salt Lake City Scentsy flameless candles are the only scented candle you can use in your home with no worries. If safety is important to you, and you enjoy a wonderful-smelling home, try Scentsy today. You can shop at https://karae.scentsy.us/Home without leaving your house!

    We’re looking forward to hearing from you! -Kara and Troy Egan

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