• Spectacular Scentsy Business Exceeds Expectations in 2004 and Outgrows Humble Commencement!

    By October 2004, Scentsy had outgrown the container on the farm. Orville and Heidi signed their first lease and moved into a 1,800-square-foot warehouse and office facility on Franklin Avenue in Meridian, Idaho. They knew it wouldn’t hold them for long, but it was what they could afford. There was enough room to manufacture and store products, and space for employees — but not enough money to pay them.

    Together with their family and friends, the Thompsons poured, cooled, packed, and shipped all the wickless candles themselves. Heidi’s parents, Alice and Fred, pitched in and worked seven days a week, at no salary, for nearly two years. Scentsy’s early Consultants often showed up to help pack and ship their own party orders, and Orville’s mother joined right in to help them when she came to visit.

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