• Sugar House Scentsy News: Scentsy Introduces Solid Perfume!

    Sugar House Scentsy News Scentsy Introduces Solid Perfume!

    In addition to the favorite scents you use for your Sugar House home and travel, Scentsy has now added a fine fragrance line to their family of deliciously scented products. Sugar House Scentsy lovers can now carry these beautiful scents with them all day!

    The Scentsy Romance collection’s longtime popularity for the most personal spaces in your Salt Lake City home makes these particular scents ideal for Scentsy’s fresh twist on perfume. Available in five of their most enchanting scents, these wearable Scentsy fragrances come in solid form for versatile and mistake-proof use.

    All Scentsy solid fragrances are created from fine cosmetic grade materials and free from alcohol, dyes, GMOs, as well as a host of other irritants. Even Sugar House Scentsy lovers with sensitive skin can enjoy Scentsy perfume.

    Scentsy’s wearable fragrances mingle with your skin’s pH, reacting with your body chemistry to make each beautiful scent uniquely yours. They are easily layered for desired strength making them perfect for day or night.

    Salt Lake City ladies of all ages love their solid shape, convenient size, and attractive packaging. Scentsy fine fragrances are an ideal gift for the Sugar House Scentsy lover or perfume connoisseur in your life.

    To learn more about Scentsy solid perfume, or for information about the Scentsy home based business opportunity in Sugar House, contact me today at 801.556.9790!

    Scentsy Consultant Kara and Troy Egan
    Team Egan

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